Found of un foundational

Arash Fateh

Arash Fateh
Sculptor and Musician

Many critics of the postmodernity situation have found it inefficient, too abstract, fluid, and perhaps unreliable. What is, In advance reject, and not do Cause.In this attitude to be, to quote” the stone is not sit, on the stone”. Suspend everything.

Absoluteness relativity

What Foucault identifies as “absoluteness of the rupture” or “madness”

“Possible the possibility that founds it; the continuity of meaning between the work and madness is possible only on the basis of the enigma of the same which permits the absoluteness of the rupture between them to appear”. [1]

Although, from the perspective of the disintegrated temple inhabitants of modernity that we call postmodernity, this is finding freedom.

Basically, wanted & need for the notion of solidity, stabilization, stableness & Authority, itself a result of the expectations that existed in the myth of modernity.

Arash Fateh

The modern Human lives in the abode of absoluteness wisdom, which has now gone mad. Stubbornly, Out of fear of homelessness, he is reluctant to abandon the decaying palace of modernity, which must longer be called the tradition of modernity. It is no secret that the idea of modernity in its time and in its place has been and is one of the most important and productive periods of growth, development, progress, and prosperity, science, consciousness, and human knowledge. And, of course, without this step, it would not have been possible to enter the postmodernity Climate. Without the emergence of structuralism, it would not have been possible to move towards post-structuralism in the conceptual framework that Saussure organized. If it had not been for Heidegger, Derrida would not have been possible, and without the rise of Hegel, Heidegger… a dynasty extending to Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates, and perhaps traceable to Zarathustra.

It should be noted, postmodernism is not homeless.

And not endless chaos, helplessness, confusion, and dumb, in the midst of extremely infinite strains of nonsense.

It may be gypsy or migratory, living in temporary, scattered shelters, in borderless climates. The pleasure of living everywhere, in unrestrained, homeless, wall-less, under Bluesky … This is the kind of life that has been growing in popularity throughout history, especially nowadays. This is not unreasonable for social behavior. ecotourist, hippies, gypsies, Dervishes, nomads and Itinerant dervishes, and so forth are all examples of the human innate need for a life outside of mass-centered architecture, civilization Temporary. The rejection the notion of construction, and the rest of the building, with long-term and historical guarantees, with the desire for eternity.

The postmodernity situation is somewhere in the middle of these infinite waves of frequency. Sometimes methodical and sometimes unmethodical, and the escape norm and the Norm-breakers.

Arash Fateh

“Instead, the postmodern perspective reveals the world as composed of an indefinite number of meaning generating agencies, all relatively self-sustained and autonomous, all subject to their own respective logics and armed with their own facilities of truth-validation.”[2]

The purpose of this text is to make it possible a clearer explanation of the statements in the “deconstruction” as software, a toolkit, to create a methodical and clausal rupture. Strap on brick by brick, foundation, to examine the postmodernity situation.

Infinity, floating castles, flowing, in the raging ocean

The architecture of these infinite actors is by no means a masonry architecture built on foundations, lumpish, stone and wood, clay, brick, lime, chalk, and mortar … not concrete and glass, but with new materials, meshwork, torso, porous, soft, flexible, and texturally suspended, oscillate, flowing, and simultaneously in tension and strain, and root Shape expanding.

Is it possible to come up with a new understanding of the behavior of realities taking place? The fact that, after facing the Deconstruction process, slackened to the brink of extinction. Existence, which is constantly in the midst of a storm of events.

This situation may be unrecognizable and utterly understandable, but it is not undetectable!

Arash Fateh

An attempt to answer the question of whether the disruption of everything, the death of everything, the death of philosophy, and even the death of meaning … as if the “Big Bang” in the foundations of the absoluteness meaning, what Derrida “logocentrism” It reads, what we call “Right”, “truth”.

What is itself a reference to the “metaphysics of presence” pyramid of the transcendental signifier, organized in the form of loose, dynamic, and fluid application of the same tools that disrupt and abolish integrity of a priori structures?

Explanation of concepts that Derrida, with few exceptions, deliberately refused to coherently summarize in short, expressive statements. Perhaps because he saw such a conflict as fundamentally his own anarchist Methodical. The emergence and creation of aphorisms, which prevent us from referring repeatedly to the text “living text, to the house in text, dwelling in text …” which is one of the pillars of the technical “Deconstruction method”, and Sterilized the text Makes.

Derrida tells us that the new forces in the text are formed by different and plural readings. Because he considers the reading process not a passive action but an active, constructive, and productive one. This intention is now understandable to us. Avoid structural coherence, which is likely to turn itself into another fetish.

With such an approach, the present text will also read. A reading that considers the God of the Essential Gods not as a dead god Nietzsche, but as a singularity in its multiplicity. The “God of Differences” The “God of Intertextual” just as it is inevitable to trace its behavioral features at this historical juncture and in the present-day climate.

Arash Fateh

In this reading:

Every text is a factor, capable of validating the truth

Nothing is out of text

Everything can be referenced, is text

Being is not out of context

Each textuality is itself the result of intertextuality

Every text contains data

Every data is a symbol (there is no language without a symbol; every symbol is a sign itself. Each signifier is referenced to a signified; each signified is itself a signifier for another signified…)

Language cannot be organized without symbols

The language is made by semiotic organizations

Every text is made up of track (each trace itself is a symbol)

The languages consist of the organization of signifiers and signifieds .

Every signifier, every signified is a symbol, is a sign

No language is not devoid of symbol (meaning occurs somewhere between signifiers and signifieds. Every disconnection, every interruption – the possibility of relative semantic occurrence)

Every track is a sign of Force

Each trace is a sign in itself (sign of force)

No text is not absolutely in or out of Inside Referral

Any text is an organization made of signs (the language of the “device” organization is semiotic)

Each sign is referenced to side (Inside Referral-reference)

Each reference points to another sign

Any otherness is due to difference (Any difference is to otherness)

Any difference is due to the difference between the two forces

Each force is a result of two different forces (the force always traces its own)

Every repetition is a repetition of differences

Any force already is Possibility to have a sign

Each track is a text in itself

Each track is unique

Every track is wreathy to other traces

Each trace is an infinite traces (engraved in the middle of multiple layers)

Every texture is infinitely wreathy from traces

Every closure wreathy is infinite of textures

Every text wreathy is infinite of traces

Every trace is a sign of presence force (In progress to presence occurrence Possible)

Every occurrence is possible new force

Every moment is pregnant possible Relative presence

Presence is possible Appearance other force

Voice is one of sign to indication force

Every trace has a voice

Force is the same as a sprite, the sprite of force, power of sprite, the force of generation, trace sprite, voice sprite, sprite voice…

Text isn’t empty of force

Every text has a unique sprite

Any sign in not Absolutely Nonsense

Voice Simultaneous is signifier & signified

Voice itself is meaningful

The essence of meaning is found in voice

No text is absolutely devoid of meaning

The suspension of meaning is fluid within the context of the text due to the possibility of multiple readings of the text.

The suspension of meaning is not meaningless

Each sign contains meaning in suspension, subject to a posterior reading

Each tail, the pregnant text, can have multiple readings of its own

Each text is capable of producing its own readings

The text is anarchy in its essence (each trace, the sound of the Scratch to context)

The anarchy in the text is due to an unreadable trace

Unreadable is insurgency by traces

The disturbance in the text indicates the emergence of other forces, (this disorder, stress and strain, can move to the boundary between textures and even a priori contexts)

The disturbance in the text exacerbates the possibility of multiple readings

The disturbance in the text is the result of the appearance of different forces in the context

Deconstructing is call up another spirit & shows it

The disturbance in the text is a sign of the emergence of new transformative currents in the context

There is no sprite without signs

Every phenomenon is a sign of spirit existence

Every sprite is an open text, on multiple readings

The force will only respond to the force

The sprite will respond only to force

Force will only respond to the sprite

Every text can be read in its context (text architecture, context architecture, closure architecture, spirit architecture, force architecture)

Every sprite can be traced to its closure (architecture is the trace of space in time)

No contexts are outside the historical closure (each context was at the time)

This texture can continue to grow & Extension infinitely, each strand will be susceptible to other seeds…

These can be removed, added, or moved (open, close, or extend the parentheses) if they are to mediate the emergence of new forces.

Call up, show, and release other forces, new forces, the latter….

Arash Fateh

Tehran, winter 2020

[1] -Writing and Difference -Jacques Derrida

[2] – Zygmunt Bauman intimations of postmodernity